Saturday, September 23, 2006

Back to School

The first six weeks have just ended, but it has taken me this long to even think about getting something up here about school. As the weeks have gone by, I am feeling more confident and more encouraged in my ability to do this job. What I realized from the get-go is that teaching is more than just one job. Yes, I plan lessons and I teach them, but there is so much more. I am an administrator, a counselor, a book-keeper and a warden at times!

I do love the students, and after six weeks together they are part of my life. We laugh together, get frustrated with each other, and share successes and failures. Middle School is definitely an appropriate age for me as they are so unpredictable, so imaginitive and still children at heart. They try to play it tough and act grown up, but laugh at the silliest things!

I have enjoyed refreshing my Spanish and found that it has been useful when contacting parents. I thought this would intimidate me, but I have really enjoyed it, and I have found out that most parents are on my side. "My side" is simply wanting the best for their student in both the areas of academics and behavior. Since my students have seen my interaction with their parents and my ability to communicate, many behavior problems have been curbed.

So... only five more six weeks to go... I plan to keep a smile on my face and take a sick day soon!

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