Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Barkers come to Nashville!

Choonghwan and I had the most delightful weekend with the Barkers just a few weeks ago. They took the time and energy to make a four hour drive from Atlanta to Nashville, and settled in with us on a Friday evening. Jana had "warned" me that it would feel like they were moving in with all of Mara Kate's baby gear... it did! Our apartment felt so empty when they packed it all up and left on Sunday.

We really had a good time doing new things in Nashville. We ate at the Rainforest Cafe and the Pancake Pantry. Mara Kate took her first ride on a carousel, and tried mandarin oranges for the first time. Our little apartment came alive with Mara Kate pushing her walker around and climbing all over the couch. It was fun to watch her be at ease, and also to watch Choonghwan enjoy and entertain her. It was also fun to call Tuie and let her know that Mara Kate was saying "BeBe"! (pronounced Dee-dee in Mara Kate language) It was equally as good to catch up with my little brother and his lovely bride. It has been such a blessing to have Jana as a sister-in-law. I was glad to finally open my home as they have been gracious on so many occasions to open their home to us!

Somehow, all of the pictures of Kane and Jana ended up on their camera... I promise, they really were here!

Mara Kate settled into her routine in BeBe and Choonghwan's apartment

Mara Kate all dolled up and ready to go out for the day!

Mara Kate likes to eat what she sees others eating... Choonghwan was good to share his caramel rice cakes! Aren't they a pair?!

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