Monday, July 09, 2007

We always love our time at Garden City. This trip was especially great because ALL of the family was there, plus the Coffins, plus our niece, Yeon Soo... 14 of us in all! Everyone was in need of this vacation- Kane and Jana had just moved into a new apartment with the help of Patch and Laren. Laren is also studying for her nursing test and Patch is starting a new job. Dad had just returned from a business trip to NY and mom had been helping with weddings and hosting family. Choonghwan and I felt especially blessed to be able to relax after being on the go with his family the week before. God is truly to thank for such a wonderful time of family fellowship. May you all enjoy your summers and your families as well!

This is what it looked like all the time... a BIG crowd
of people and Mara Kate in the middle!

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