Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Tour of the South"

I wasn't going to sit at home alone during my spring break this year, so I started making plans to travel, and invited myself to stay with family along a "Tour of the South" road trip.

The first stop was Knoxville where Choonghwan was able to join me for the weekend. Since Monday was my 30th birthday, mom had planned a birthday dinner with family, and Katy and Chip were also able to make it down for the evening. I have to say that I was especially touched by this birthday. Birthdays seemed like such a special event as I was growing up, but since we've all married and moved away, the celebration has kind of dwindled. I think part of that is just being an adult- boo! Anyway, the sentiments in the cards, the thoughtfulness behind the gifts, and being surrounded by family just because it was my birthday was very, very special and meaningful. A perfect way to start year #30!

From Knoxville, I headed to Athens to stay with Aunt Pat. Again, I was impressed with a wonderful homemade birthday dinner that was cooking as I pulled in. I enjoyed our visit so, so much and was also glad for Pat's help and generosity in getting me to Atlanta to help Kane and Jana with their week.
For those who don't know, my little brother is getting his PhD at Georgia Tech and has just hit the home stretch in that process. The short of it is, because of a glitch in the process, he was in a place to need my help, and I was honored and glad to do it! I really enjoyed just being an extra pair of hands for Kane and Jana and Mara Kate. I am so thankful that we have established a relationship that allows us to ask for and offer help. I was also glad to see God in the details of the timing of my trip, knowing that He will continue to provide for us all as He sees our every need!
From Atlanta, I headed to Birmingham to visit with Patch and Laren. Patch was a HUGE help with our taxes and Laren was a great listener when I found out that Choonghwan's paycheck had bounced... ! On Friday, Laren and I took a tour of Birmingham which included the farm where her family boards their horses. It was such a pretty place, and I was so impressed with Laren's rapport with those beautiful creatures.

To sum up this trip in one word: PERFECT. Travelling was safe and smooth, there were opportunities to give and receive, and I was reminded again and again of just how blessed I am to have the family and friends that I have. I so, so glad the thought of this trip crossed my mind and that I seized the opportunity. Thanks to all who opened their doors!

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