Sunday, February 18, 2007

My name is Wayne, and I will be your server.

Adjusting to life in another country is not an easy task. I remember the feeling of homesickness while living in Korea, even though I knew it was where God wanted me to be at the time. It has been challenging for both of us to tackle life in America. I know Choonghwan wishes that he could speed up the process of learning the language and overcoming cultural differences. I am so proud of him. One of the hardest things for him has been finding employment that is satisfying. He recently quit a part-time job at FedEx that he picked up over the holidays. It just wasn't right for him.

He recently took it upon himself to apply at Cracker Barrel and was hired as a server. I have never seen him more tickled about a job! He has really worked hard to learn the American phrase-ology for taking orders and waiting on customers. God has once again blessed him with a friendly and helpful staff of co-workers, and we are both thankful for that grace. It is good for me to see joy in his heart, and to realize that it comes from his joy of serving others. I know that God will bless Choonghwan as his smile and enthusiasm blesses others while they enjoy their meals.

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Dottie Weigel said...

Does he get a discount!?! I love shopping in the front store before we eat. Hmmm. This could be good...