Sunday, April 22, 2007


No material thing can ever replace a loved one.

Since Mimi's passing last October, mom and her sisters have been sweet and generous to share a few things of hers with the "girls" in the family. Some of the items have great sentimental value to me. Some things I do not recognize as being Mimi's, but they have tremendous worth to me because I know they were hers. I have enjoyed incorporating some of these precious items into the rooms of my home; I think of Mimi each time I see them. How thankful I am for the time I spent and the memories I made with my lovely grandmother!

A fancy pickle jar that, as a child, I remember being on Mimi's buffet

A silver jewelry box that was kept in Mimi's bedroom. I used to "sneak" back there during family dinners and look at all of her jewelry. I still love jewelry boxes!

A jewelry box and a dish that Mom chose to give me for Easter. Jana and Laren each received treasures as well.

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