Saturday, July 05, 2008

Atlanta Visit

sometimes it's hard to get Mara Kate
to smile in pictures, but not at the Quarium!


This summer has afforded me more time to travel and visit with friends and family. I've really enjoyed these opportunities- the only downside being that Choonghwan is busy with his new job and often unable to join me.

Most recently I visited Kane, Jana and Mara Kate in Atlanta. I extended my stay longer than usual (thanks guys!), and had a chance to do some sightseeing as well as participate in some family routines. I even cooked a Korean meal! We took lots of pictures at the "Quarium," and I have lots of mental pictures of our trips to the pool and the bead shops. I was also glad to be there long enough to see Mara Kate relaxed in her element- making up songs, talking to herself, singing, saying funny things, and just being cute!

One thing I've realized this summer is just how blessed I am to have family that loves each other and wants to spend time together - playing, sharing, giving, talking, teaching, learning and growing closer through it all!


Kane, Jana and Mara Kate said...

We really enjoyed you being here and I'm thankful we were able to do our home routines with you right along with us. I wore my necklace and earrings last night and felt so "put together" with them on. :) Glad you made it home safely and we look forward to seeing you soon at the LAKE!!

Anonymous said...

We truly are Blessed Beyond Belief ! It is so awesome to see you "kids" grow up,...not only in wisdom & stature, but in your love for each other and your gratitude for these moments. Thanks for sharing,...AND for being my #1 daughter ! Love, Dad