Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Rachel Friends

Above are pictures from Rockmont with Rachel Pearl.

Below are pictures from Rockwood with Rachel Collins.

I was not very fond of these cows following us, but Choonghwan thought it was very amusing!

This summer the only plans I had involved a trip to Charlottesville, VA. I'm really happy with the way the summer turned out, and it's not quite over yet. Rachel Pearl invited me along on a trip to Rockmont where we enjoyed the cooler weather and greener grass and also were able to catch up with some good friends. Choonghwan got his first "travel days" of the summer and met us in Knoxville at the end of our trip, and then he and I picked up on our own adventures at the Collins' farm in Rockwood, home of my other dear friend Rachel. I enjoyed good company and laughs and watching Choonghwan with the cows and the four wheeler.

If your confused after reading this because of all the Rachel's and the Rocks, here's another version: My city friend and I headed to the mountains and I met my country friend on the farm. The bottom line is this: I had a great time and kicked myself for not doing all of this sooner, but now I know that I will do it again soon!

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