Friday, July 03, 2009

Beach Baby!

I ♥ Garden City!

I can't really sum up why it's my favorite place on earth... there's something about the smell, the ocean breeze, the sun... I just love it! This year my childhood dream came true when my family packed up to head home, but Choonghwan and I got to stay on for another week! (Thanks Byron and Karisa!) Actually, I think having the second week made the first week with family very enjoyable as I felt like we had plenty of time... the week crept by. After the fam left, Choonghwan and I moved down the beach to stay at the home of some very generous friends and got quite comfortable with "beach-living." We even pondered the possibility of purchasing beach property in the future. Anyway, I think I went into beach withdrawl after having to return home, but now I can look back with fondness instead of wincing and wishing we were still there!

As always, here are a few pics- both from our time with family and our time on our own.

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