Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Labor Day

Life seems to be setting somewhat of a normal pace for us (if there is such a thing) since we have moved back from Korea. When we first moved back, I felt such an urgency to be with family, probably because I had been away for so long. I would jump an any chance to see family, and if something came in the way of a trip to Knoxville, I was often crushed. The time apart made me realize that it is worth anything- time, $ and any hassle- to be with family. During my first year of teaching, I felt like I couldn't get away enough, and Choonghwan's various jobs have sometimes made it difficult for us to get away together. With us living in Nashville, and family spread out in Knoxville, Birmingham and Atlanta, it is possible to be on the road every weekend!

All of that to say that this past weekend was so enjoyable. It wasn't perfect- We missed Patch and Laren, and Choonghwan and I had to come separately. And, of course, holidays are always shortlived. But, still, it was wonderful time with FAMILY!

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